Executive Board

Thanks to the following active members of the Mobile Area Council Executive Board and Executive Committee, we are able to expand our resources to make our council better every year.

2022 Executive Board

James Alexander, III

Brain Blanchette

Mike Box

Greg Boxx

Jennifer Bryars

Jared Budlong

Henry Callaway

Stan Chavis

Michael Cortez

Henry Crawford

Melissa Cross

Jeff Davis

John Erwin

Paul Frazier

Eric Friese

Edith Gray

Robert Greer

Charles Harmon, Jr.

Abe Harper

Lee Harper

Charles Hartin

Charles Holloway

Dr. George Inge

Dr. David Inge

Shelby Johnson

Clinton Johnson, Jr.

Chad Jones

Steve LeDoux

Stephen McNair, Jr.

Shannon Miller

John Myers, III.

Bubba O'Gwynn

Trey Oliver

John Patterson

Rodney Patrick

Paul Pintado

William Pipkin

Paul Roberts

David Roberts, Jr.

Ken Rohman

Jay Ross

Tim Roth

Witt Ruffin

E.J. Saad

JEB Shell

Charles Simpson

Wayne Sirmon

Danny Spybey

Ken Styron

Mark Travis

Lee Webb

Phil Webb

Dr. Kevin West

Suntrease Williams-Maynard

Stan Zimmerman