Ways To Engage

Companies interested in establishing mutually beneficial strategic alliances with the Boy Scouts of America may do so through sponsorship opportunities (e.g. consumer cause-marketing/branding, PR, employee involvement), access to BSA supporters and marketing channels, opportunities to host/participate in events and/or promotions, and recognition visibility in our award-winning magazines (readership of 10+ million people). Naturally, higher-level sponsors enjoy greater rights and benefits, with each level being determined by contractually guaranteed minimum cash contributions and mission-critical in-kind commitments.

The following is a brief description of the marketing benefits for our partners:

  • Celebration Sponsor: $1.5 million minimum annual contribution – 3 year commitment preferred.
  • Mission Sponsor: $1 million minimum annual contribution – 3 year commitment preferred.
  • Values Sponsor: $500,000 minimum annual contribution – 3 year commitment preferred.
  • Character Sponsor: $250,000 minimum annual contribution – term negotiable.
  • Pioneer Sponsor: $100,000 minimum annual contribution – term negotiable.
  • Media/Promotional Sponsor: Companies and/or agencies willing to donate blue-chip advertising space and/or pro-bono creative services, valued at $250,000 or more, to help promote the BSA’s mission nationally.
  • Preferred Vendor: Companies providing substantial discount pricing to the internal purchasing power of the BSA and its 300+ local councils nationwide. Internal promotional rights only; no external marketing rights included.
  • Product Licensee: The BSA, through its Supply Group, has its own line of licensed BSA products. The product line is available for Scouts all over the country to purchase for their Scouting needs.
  • Corporate Donors: A company with a desire to demonstrate social responsibility, increase employee loyalty and retention, engage volunteerism, and support the mission of the BSA. Company names the BSA as a charity of choice and communicates such support internally among its employees and shareholders. Funds are donated to the BSA through a corporate or foundation donation and/or via an employee giving campaign. No external consumer activation rights included. A company cannot promote its support externally to customers/the general public.
  • BSA Supporter: Organizations willing to donate to the BSA mission-critical products, services or supplies, but are not interested in entering into a strategic alliance agreement or make any minimum guarantees. Marketing rights, benefits and use of marks are not available.



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